Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Place to Gather in the Laurentians...

I find beach houses and summer cottages incredibly inspiring.  I've spent a lot of time trying to pin point exactly what it is  that I like so much about them and I  believe it comes down to comfort,  airiness and texture.  Ultimately,  the goal of cottage interior design is to create a space that instantly induces a sense of disconnect,  comfort and relaxation.  For most,  this usually translates into warm creaky wood flooring, neutral paint colours,  cheery fabrics,  an abondance of windows,  cozy couches and mismatched pieces of furniture.  There aren't many guidelines to follow when you design a summer home and I've always found this to be incredibly appealing.  Having said that,  I personally make no distinction between a "summer home" and an "everyday home".   Regardless of it's location,  I think the place you come back to after 8 hours of work needs to immediately induce a sense of peace and serenity.  That's why,  when people ask me what the design direction is in my own home,  I simply answer "I want my house to feel like a cottage".  So far,  it's been no simple task.  Structurally speaking,  my house is incredibly modern and linear.

This morning,  as I was doing my usual rounds on the internet  (Houzz, House & Home, Elements of Style, Pinterest,  Crush Cul de Sac...)   I stumbled upon this perfect little summer cottage on Maison et Demeure.   It's located in the Laurentians and everything about it just screams my name!   I  love the exposed beams,  knotted pine flooring and wood paneled walls.   It's not very big,  it isn't overdone nor glamorous but it's welcoming and loaded with personality.  The kitchen is narrow but feels rather spacious due to the use of white cupboards,  simple backsplash and big window.  It also has the staples you would find in many country kitchens;  a farmhouse sink,  open shelving,  butcher block countertops and wicker accessories.  The dining area has mismatched windsor chairs and a banquette which provides ample seating perfect for summer entertaining and get togethers.

Oh and I also love the quirky turquoise flooring in the mudroom and the kids sleeping area up in the mezzanine.

Happy Saturday!


Photographed by Jean Longpre

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Who Would've Thought?

I've never entertained the thought of incorporating brick inside my house but I must admit that it looks absolutely stunning!  Check out these pictures I found on Atlanta Homes Mag.   Blue and green accents work beautifully with the herringbone-patterned brick in the entry hall.  It's casual elegance with a country twist!

Love. It.

PS:  I included a picture of the kitchen because it has the prettiest vent hood I've ever seen!

Photos: Erica George Dines

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Cozy Cottage Living Room...

Nothing says country like wood-paneled walls,  pale blue accents,  gingham curtains and wicker accessories.   I absolutely adore this living room because it exudes warmth, cheeriness and laid-back cozyness.

What do you think?

Image via Better Homes and Gardens