Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Celebrity Homes: Jennifer Aniston...

Jennifer Aniston is the quintessential beach girl. We’ve all seen pictures of her jogging, doing yoga and walking her dogs along the lazy shores of sunny California.There’s something about her sun kissed skin, tousled blonde hair and toned body that just screams L.A.  Last month, her newly-renovated house was featured in Architectural Digest and frankly, I was a little surprised by the design direction. Don’t get me wrong, her Beverly Hills mansion is nothing short of spectacular but I pictured Jennifer in a lavish, upscale designer beach house clad with high ceilings, exposed beams, neutral walls, dark hardwood floors, big white sofas, linen draped windows, distressed wood furniture and bursts of colorful accents… 

Instead, we have this:


  1. I love Jennifer Aniston and I think her house is amazing but you're right - I wouldn't have guessed this was her house! Her bed is so low to the ground, is this a common trend? I don't think I'd like that.
    Good job!

  2. I find her style a bit 70's ish in my opinion. Interesting choice on her part. Would never expected to see this in her home. Thanks for sharing with os. GREAT BLOG!!!

  3. This home is absolutely gorgeous! I would like to live there! I've read somewhere that Jennifer already sold this lovely home and a Realtor called michaellibow helped her to find a buyer for this large house. Too bad she sold it...:(