Sunday, 10 April 2011

Designer of the week: Elsa Soyars...

I spend a substantial  amount of time surfing the net on what feels like an endless quest for  inspiring spaces. When I land on a picture I love, I immediately find out the designer’s name and check out their website. My hope is that their portfolio is as captivating and seamless as the initial image I fell in love with.  Although most of the time I’m totally disappointed, once in a blue moon I discover a designer whose body of work  is absolutely flawless. A few months ago, I fell upon one of these designers and it is my pleasure to highlight her career this week.

 Elsa Soyars has designed countless homes in the Hamptons and looking through her portfolio is like being granted access into the lavish summer homes of New York’s elite. The spaces she designs are elegant, cozy, classic and functional. Her use of sumptuous fabrics,  rich textures and bold patterns gives a signature look to every room she transforms.  

For any of you who enjoy the “beach chic” look as much as I do, I would like to point out that no one does it better than Elsa Soyars. 

I strongly encourage you to check out her website: 

But for the time being, here is a little taste of what you’ll see!

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  1. Love all of the patio settings. These pictures inspire me in so many ways!