Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Making modern comfortable...

I personally have a hard time with modern décor.  Even when well-executed, modern spaces often translate as cold, one-dimensional, flat and uninviting. When creating a modern space, keep room functionality in mind. If a living room doesn’t evoke feelings of warmth and relaxation, then it’s not fulfilling its primary function. When I think of modern, I often think of IKEA. Their furniture is trendy and affordable, usually clean lined and modular which is fine BUT add one too many IKEA products in one room and  I promise it will fall flat. 

The key to keeping modern comfortable is balance. 

Tame down your linear elements by introducing one of the following:

1- Texture: add a faux sheepskin rug, distressed wood table or textural wallpaper

2- Patterns: Add a hit of pattern on a few throw pillows, curtains or on a a single armchair 

3- Vintage finds: Head to your local flea market, find something cool and modify it! Old suitcases, chandeliers, side tables or frames can add interest into a room

4- Art: No need to spend tons of money here, simply print a few of  your favorite pictures, frame them and create an interesting arrangement on an accent wall. Try to think outside of the box, many of your favorite personal items or travel souvenirs can make great pieces of art.

5- Natural elements: Add flowers, rocks, seashells, elephant leaf, miniature topiaries or even driftwood in any space to make it more welcoming.

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  1. Wow! These are great motivations for me and my home! I'm often on the lookout for great decor ideas and these are awesome. I will definetly be contacting you when I'm re-decorating. You have fabulous ideas!