Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Designer Staples: Topiaries...

Life is in the details, and so is design.

In fashion, when you put together an outfit, it's never complete until you've put on a killer pair of shoes, statement necklace or chunky bangles around your wrist. When it comes to interior design, the same concept applies. When creating a living room for example, you decide on the layout, furniture, area rug, lighting fixtures etc... But your room will not look or feel complete until you've incorporated "the little things" such as throw pillows, picture frames or decorative vases. Upon the countless hours I've spent browsing through beautiful design images, I've started to notice certain staples that all designers use time and time again. One of those key accessories is topiaries. Next time you feel like your room needs a little "Je ne sais quoi" perhaps a topiary will do the  trick!

Bella Mancini Design

Ashley Goforth Design

Veranda Interiors

HGTV Pure Design

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech Photography

Atmosphere Design

Bosworth Hoedemaker

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