Sunday, 5 June 2011

Green is the new Black ...

Have any of you checked out HGTV's Green Home 2011? If not, you absolutely must - it's a work of (sustainable) art. Before getting into green design, let me give you some background on the GENIUS who designed the inside of this home. Linda Woodrum is a giant in the interior design world, she is the mastermind behind every HGTV Dream Home (each one may I add, is better than the last), she was the Design Consultant at Coastal Living magazine for 7 years, her work has been featured in every national design publication you can think of, and she has designed interiors for significant homes throughout the United States. Linda is one of my favorite designers because she puts an incredible amount of consideration into every single square inch of her designs. The spaces she creates are not only spectacular, they are functional and gear towards everyday life. 

When designing a green home, use as many natural materials as you can. Consider using natural stone countertops, sustainable woods such as bamboo and eucalyptus as cabinetry and look for water-saving shower heads and toilets. Another trick is to shop locally. If you buy a product that was made in China, a lot more energy was spent getting it to your house than if you were to buy something that was made locally. Little adjustments such as the aforementioned really make a big difference in the long run so do your part!

In order to get more Eco-Friendly tips and to check out more beautiful pictures of the HGTV Green Home, make sure to visit:

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