Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Mystique Resort, Santorini...

Is there a more pure form of the color white than that of the houses found in the mountainous backdrop of Santorini, Greece?  Although I've never gone, I have dreamed of visiting Santorini all my life. There's something I find incredibly mesmerizing about the contrast between the deep cobalt sea and crisp white architecture. Today, as I was browsing through the Starwood website looking to book an upcoming business trip to Toronto, I just couldn't resist peeking into their "Luxury Resort Collection". When I fell upon the Mystique Resort in Oia, my heart stopped beating. It was just that beautiful. Not only is it designed to perfection, it also happens to be located on an island that is the closest thing to heaven on earth... If you want to dream a little, take a look at these pictures.

For more information, visit www.mystique.gr

Is this not the cutest room key you've ever seen?

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