Friday, 8 July 2011

A California Beach House...

This is one of the earthiest beach houses I have ever seen and I love it! This space has so many natural elements that it almost feels as though a big tidal wave came in from the ocean and swept everything into place. As in fashion, the spaces we live in are an outside manifestation of how we feel inside. When I glanced over the pictures of this Santa Barbara home, it became obvious to me that the owners are deeply connected to nature and want to feel that connection in their everyday lives. The enormous windows with no curtains are like giant canvases that allow the majestic backdrop to act as a painting. The limestone coffee table, terra cotta doves, eroded stone spheres, driftwood accents, faux-stalactite side tables, natural linens and earthy color palette make the inside of this home feel like a romantic hommage to the coastal nature that surrounds it. I can't imagine how incredible it must be to sit on that back porch with nothing but the sound of waves crashing in the background....

Photo credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna
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