Tuesday, 12 July 2011

European Allure...

There's no denying that Europeans are light years ahead of us when it comes to fashion and interior design. They just seem to have an incredible eye for detail, quality and style. When it comes to decor, many interior designers try to replicate Europe's old world charm here in America but the end result often falls short. While researching French and Italian decor online, I stumbled upon a spectacular home on the House Beautiful website.

Interior designer Cathy Kincaid used luscious fabrics, reclaimed wood furniture, antique accessories and a rich color palette in order to create a European-style home and I was flabbergasted by its authenticity... especially considering this house is in Scottsdale, Arizona! 

The rustic architecture of the home obviously had a lot to do with the overall achievement of the look not to mention the terra cotta tiles, exposed beams and stone walls. If it weren't for the desert outside, I would've totally thought this house was in Tuscany. 

Love, love, Love, love, Love, love, Looooooove this kitchen!!!!
Love the ceiling, the terra cotta tiles, the colorful backsplash, the island, the olive green cabinets, the stripped rugs, the antique pendant light fixtures... 

To check out the full article and more pictures click here
Photo credit: Reed Davis

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