Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Lakeside Retreat in Muskoka ...

I know the following statement might sound a little strange considering I'm only 28 years old, but I often find myself thinking about where I'm going to live when I retire. While most people gravitate towards beachside destinations such as Florida or California, I dream of living in a secluded lakeside cottage with creaky pine flooring, white-washed wood paneled walls, high ceilings, exposed beams and big windows. Muskoka is one of the top cottage destinations in Canada and even though I've never been, something tells me I would fit right into the country lifestyle... As I surfed the net this evening, I stumbled upon the Decormag website which happened to feature a beautiful summer home in Muskoka. As I glanced through the pictures, I couldn't help but imagine how magical it would be to live in such close proximity to nature, far away from the city, surrounded by nothing other than giant evergreens... 

Photography by Robin Stubbert
Images via Decormag


  1. Love love love it...especially the floors!

  2. I agree, the floors are just spectacular! LOVE!!!!