Monday, 18 July 2011

Work your Kitchen...

 An awkward kitchen nook is often the perfect spot for a workstation. Having easy access to a computer in the kitchen comes in handy especially when you need to browse the internet for recipes or want to keep an eye on your kids as they surf the web. 

While moving a desk and computer into the kitchen may be easy, integrating them in a stylish way is not.  The tricky part is not making the desk area look too much like an office or too much like a kitchen. 

Balancing both styles can be quite the juggling act but there are creative ways to make it visually appealing. Some of the most beautiful kitchen workstations I've seen have chalkboards, bulletin boards, wicker baskets, mismatched chairs, accent colored desks, cool backsplashes or even open shelving integrated into them...

Check out some of my faves!





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