Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Take me to Brazil ...

Not only does Brazil have the hottest men and women on this planet,  it also has some of the most exquisite homes!  Although I've never been,  something tells me I would feel quite at ease in this secluded, resort-like residence which sits comfortably on 99 acres of  land. With the mountainous rainforest as a backdrop and the ocean off  into the distance,  I think it's safe to say that this hidden gem is one of the most  luxurious properties Saco do Mamangua has to offer.

It  has an open concept  floor plan,  revolving glass doors,  a beautiful veranda,  beachfront view,  extra-high ceilings and stunning exposed beams.

Oh,  and for all you Twilight  fans  out there  (Twihards is it?)  this happens to be the house where Edward & Bella spend their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn... Too bad vampires only come out at night, it would be a shame not to soak up the Brazilian sun on that beach!

Photography by Iain Kemp
Images via Architectural Digest  

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