Monday, 30 January 2012

Atelier de Campagne...

If you love vintage finds and have a weakness for all that is European country, then you've absolutely got to check out Atelier de Campagne.  Created by Johan de Meulenaere and Trinidad Castro, the store concept is quite simple: scour Europe for unique antiques and objets d'arts and bring them back to America. The best part about Atelier de Campagne is that all of their products have an old world feel to them... With so many big box stores emerging everywhere, it's so refreshing to discover a store which actually carries unique, vintage and refurbished products from Europe that are hand-picked by 2 people who are truly passionate about interior design.

After spending a good 30 mins devouring their blog and living vicariously through Johan and Trinidad's European travels (documented in their blog along with beautiful pictures), I finally gathered the strength to log off their site and write this post!

Here are a few of my personal highlights from their website -----> To check out more, click here.

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