Friday, 24 February 2012

Designer Interview: Muse Interiors...

I've embarked on an endless quest to discover new designers who inspire me.  In my opinion, there's no better feeling than looking through an interior designer's portfolio and truly connecting to every single picture. More often than not, I skim through a few images and completely lose interest but this was definitely not the case with Muse Interiors.

Looking through the Muse Interiors portfolio is like being granted access into the luxurious homes of Connecticut's elite.  Lauren Muse's vibrant, youthful and timeless approach to design is not only inspiring but also incredibly refreshing. All of her spaces are cheery, functional and bright. I love her unapologetic injections of bold patterns and versatile use of fabrics.

I reached out to Lauren last weekend and was lucky enough to pick her (very creative) brain.

She graciously answered a few interview questions and happily agreed to me sharing the answers with you:

Parkdale: What inspires you?
Travel is my biggest indulgence,  interior design blogs, walking the streets in NYC, visiting vintage/antique shops, reading every design book published... I am a bit of a design junkie!

Parkdale:  How would you describe your interior design style?
Timeless, youthful and fresh.  I try to keep it current but not trendy. I am also a huge believer in functionality, it has to be functional first and then beautiful.

Parkdale: Who are your favorite interior designers?
Thom Filicia, Tom Scheerer and Jeffers Design Group

Parkdale: What are your favorite interior design magazines and websites?
Favorite magazine: Elle Decor
Favorite Blog:
Favorite website: Pinterest

Parkdale: What are your go-to paint colours?
China White, Beacon Gray, Cliffside Gray and Satin Silver all from Benjamin Moore.  I keep a pretty neutral palette on walls.

Parkdale: What's the easiest way to spruce up a room without splurging?
New pillows can transform a space and not blowing the budget.  It’s a place you can be daring with color and pattern.  You can mix-up up unusual color combinations. Most of all don’t take it too seriously and have fun!

* If you have a moment, I strongly suggest you check out the Muse Interiors website by clicking here.


One of my favorite pictures in Lauren's portfolio has to be the one below.  Hallways are often treated as nothing but transportation corridors. They are usually overlooked in terms of design but the truth is, hallways can make a statement too!

I think Lauren proves this theory better than anyone else:

Here are a few more of my personal favorites....

How beautiful is this little nook? 
I love the pillows, striped wallpaper and graphic runner. 

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