Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Deck Inspiration...

When my husband and I decided to purchase the home we currently live in,  one of it's biggest appeals was that it was truly a blank canvas.  Although it was a relatively new build,  the previous owners did nothing to upgrade the look of the house which left us with the exciting challenge of renovating it ourselves in order to make it our own.  We've now been living here for almost  2  years and one of the biggest projects we have yet to tackle is the backyard.  As it stands,  we have 1 baby tree,  6 cedars and a wonky lopsided  8x8  deck which shakes every time we or the dogs step onto it.

Having said that,  we've finally decided to get our deck going this year and I've been busy looking for inspiration.  Given that our backyard gives directly onto a  cul-de-sac,  one of our main goals is creating a sense of privacy.  Last year,  I discovered a beautiful outdoor design company called  Earth Inc   and  totally devoured their portfolio...  They're brilliant.   All of their projects are absolutely gorgeous but my favorite one by far is called  "Backyard Oasis".   My favorite features are the top level breakfast bar,  the use of beautiful knotted cedar and the privacy created by integrating horizontal panels.

As described on the Earth Inc website:

"Client Requests: Modern-day aesthetics, breakfast bar overlooking lower martini lounge, dark stain to conceal garage at the rear, place screens in front of plant material"

"Located in the Annex, this private backyard oasis – featuring three inviting outdoor spaces and a corridor for easy passage to the laneway garage – allows for a variety of family activities. With a lower deck for larger gatherings, a quiet spot for reading and an outdoor breakfast bar with room for three, the design accommodates the needs of the entire family. The simple and durable materials include two types of glass (clear and sand-blasted) and cedar. The bright flash of orange points the way to the garage and back exit. Plantings include six Ivory Silk Lilac trees, ornamental grasses and a bed of Sedum – perfect for a winter garden."


  1. Now that’s an artist’s haven. It seems to me that you’re going for a mixture of traditional and modern look. Honestly, that’s hard to pull off, especially in choosing furniture. So, how did your deck turn out? I hope you were able to accomplish what you have visualized. :)

    Angelina Garcia

  2. Yeah, are there any updates on your deck? How did it go? This deck concept really has a warm and relaxing feel to it. I can just whip up my guitar and hang around there for hours. It just needs a hammock or a long chair though. : )

    - Christian Renwick

  3. Same as the other two here. I’m curious how the deck turned out. Are there any update pics? Christian’s hammock idea seems nice. =)

    - Kylee Groves -

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