Monday, 30 May 2011

Lavish laundry rooms...

I spend my entire week dreading laundry day. There are few tasks in this world that are as mundane as doing the laundry... To make matters worse, most of us must journey into a cold, dark basement in order to access our catacomb-like laundry rooms. It's no wonder we don't consider it to be an enjoyable activity!

Reluctantly, I've learned to accept that its just gotta be done. So I started thinking, if I could cheery-up the color scheme and design of my laundry room than at least I would reap some sort of enjoyment out of it. As I started doing some research, I stumbled upon some gorgeous laundry rooms. If mine looked anything like the pictures below, I'd be doing not only my own laundry but also the neighbors!

Case Design/Remodeling Inc.


Visbeen Associates, Inc.

Urban Grace Interiors

Design Moe

House & Home

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Sarah Richardson

Jane Ellison Design

Meredith Heron

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