Friday, 27 January 2012

Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse Retreat...

I know, I know....  I post about Sarah Richardson all the time. I can't help it. She's incredibly talented, the spaces she designs are flawless, her color schemes are perfection, she uses the most unique fabrics/prints and in addition to all of this, she also happens to be a fellow Canadian.

Given that it's Friday and I'm gearing up for a birthday weekend in the country, I felt compelled to showcase one of my favorite country cottages of all time... Renovated and updated by Canada's own Martha Stewart aka Sarah Richardson.

All images courtesy of HGTV
For all things Sarah, check out her website by clicking here


  1. I love her and I think the farmhouse is my all time fav!

  2. did Sarah sell the farmhouse?...there is now a new "country house" shown in the Dec. HGTV magazine

  3. Looks amazing! Photos by Stacey Brandford Photography