Thursday, 28 April 2011

Celebrity Homes: Jennifer Lopez ...


I've always been a fan of Jennifer Lopez. I think that she is one of very few celebrities who remain relatable despite their A-list status. One of my favorite things about Jennifer has to be her impeccable sense of style. I can't remember seeing one performance, award show or TV appearance where she looked anything short of spectacular. Recently, her 18 000 sq. foot Californian estate was featured in Veranda magazine and I was glad to find out that Jennifer not only has an eye for fashion but also for interior design. She worked alongside interior designer Michelle Workman to create a romantic French-inspired abode for her and her family to live in. The color palette is heavily based on tones of gray. Slight variations of this color were carried throughout various rooms of the house, some having a little more taupe, others a little more blue. While most of the rooms have a feminine feel, the living room has a penchant for the masculine. In order to make the gray-toned rooms feel more welcoming, rich fabrics such as silk, velvet and leather were used.  Michelle Workman also used chandeliers, which emit soft indirect light as well as brass and bronze accessories to help give the house a more inviting feel. I absolutely love her house and can't help myself from saying (please forgive the cheesy pun) Jenny has come a long way from the block!

Check out her place:

Photo/Credit: Laura Resen/Veranda Magazine  Interior design by: Michelle Workman

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