Saturday, 30 April 2011

Discover Artemano...

If you've been following my blog so far, you must have noticed a recurring theme. I often stress the importance of injecting character and personality into your home by adding elements that are a departure from the rest of your decor such as lanterns, barn doors, bold patterns, textural fabrics etc.. Another way of incorporating warmth into your space is by introducing a few unique pieces of distressed furniture that look like they've been handmade by an artisan. True antiques usually come at exorbitant prices and I've been on the hunt for a store that provides beautiful handcrafted furniture that is accessible to people with a more frugal budget. Enter Artemano, a one of a kind boutique filled with unique ancestral furniture that is sure to bring warmth, interest and character into your space. I appreciate their wide array of products and price points.

As a whole, the store feels exotic/zen which is personally not my style however; selecting one or two pieces from Artemano and integrating them into a neutral/linear room that lacks character definitely makes for a winning formula... Try it!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Indulge in Artemano's beautiful collections by checking out their website:   

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