Sunday, 1 May 2011

Designer of the Week: Tommy Smythe...

Tommy Smythe is an unspeakably talented interior designer who's creations regularly grace the pages of House & Home, Style at Home and countless other design publications. He has worked alongside one of Canada's biggest talents Sarah Richardson for numerous years and together, they have become a design powerhouse to be reckoned with. Just like the rest of Canada, I have gotten to know and love Tommy by watching him on shows such as Design Inc, Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage and most recently, Sarah 101.

While watching Tommy in the aforementioned shows I've come to realize 2 things; 1- he has a beautiful, lighthearted and hilarious personality and 2- he is the embodiment of interior design. Tommy lives, breathes and eats interior design. No matter how many funny jokes or puns he makes, his respect, admiration and thorough knowledge of his domain always shines brighter. What fascinates me most about him is while his on screen personality is upbeat, colorful and bubbly his designs are moody, dark and slightly more on the traditional side.

Like Sarah, he has mastered the art of combining bold patterns and soft textures, old and new, traditional and contemporary... I guess my only criticism is that I'd love to see more of Tommy's individual creative process. Here's my plea to HGTV: can someone please get him his own show already??? Or better yet, how about a show called Sarah vs. Tommy which would allow the viewer to witness both designers' different approaches manifest from A to Z. Hey, just throwing it out there!

Here are some of Tommy's masterpieces courtesy of House & Home and Style at Home

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  1. These pictures represent the true marriage of old family treasures with top notch design. The balance is a marriage of comfort and elegance. Well done, Tommy.

  2. I so love Tommy's style of design, his homes have always been the best...
    I must say I don't want to separate Tommy from Sarah...the design world would not be the same...

  3. I know what you mean, they make such a great team!