Sunday, 3 April 2011

Designer of the week: Sarah Richardson...

In my opinion, there aren't many interior designers who come close to being as talented as our fellow Canadian Sarah Richardson. I started following her career years ago when she was virtually unknown and am blown away at how much she’s accomplished in such a short period of time.  Sarah, who started her career behind the scenes (literally) as a set decorator, is in the process of building an empire. 
Mark my words: She will become the Canadian equivalent of Martha Stewart. 
Sarah’s portfolio is too big to summarize in a blog such as this one but here are a few career highlights:   
  • Host of Room Service, Design Inc., Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage and most recently, Sarah 101
  • Owner and Creative Director of Sarah Richardson Design (residential and commercial design firm based out of Toronto)
  • Recently launched paint collection with Para paints: Sarah Richardson’s Designer Palette
  • Indoor/Outdoor Furniture Collection
  • Featured columnist for the Globe & Mail
  • Awarded Canada’s Top 40 under 40 in 2007
  • Youngest designer named Canada's foremost "stylemakers" by Canadian House and Home magazine

To say that I am a big Sarah Richardson fan is an understatement. I have watched every single one of her shows and have come to the conclusion that she can do no wrong. 

Sarah is a master of spacial conception and organization, she creates the most original color schemes and is the only person who can make 25 different fabrics work cohesively together. 

Sarah if you're reading this, a magazine is obviously the next step in your career... Please make it happen!!!  

Enough said, I’ll let Sarah’s work speak for itself. 

In order to access Sarah's full portfolio, visit:  

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  1. I just discovered your fine self! I saw Sarah's House, and it was the triple floor city house, and every single inch of that place was "exquisite". I'm a total fan, as of now!! I have set my DVR for Design, Inc. and am on your site now.............oh yeah, I'm off and running :)