Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hotel Monaco, San Francisco...

I recently won a trip to San Francisco and had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Monaco. It’s a luxurious, pet-friendly boutique hotel which is part modern, part glamour and part um……. fun house? I’ll let you be the judge.

Although I wouldn't dream of recreating this look in my own home, I must admit that I always looked forward to getting back to my stripy hotel room after a long day of roaming the winding streets of San Francisco. 

Loved the bedside lamps
Paisley Armchair
Living Room Area

Check out the belts!!!

In case you were wondering, the bathrooms were striped too!

In every room, two leopard print robes are at your disposal...

If you love interior design and are planning a visit to San Fran,
Hotel Monaco by Kimpton is a must.

Did I forget to mention the complimentary wine tasting for all guests?

It was the best part!!!

 Everyday from 5-6 pm, an eclectic melange of hotel guests (business men, artists, socialites, tourists and the occasional teacup chihuahua) gather around a warm fire in the main salon in order to sample a myriad of Californian wines while enjoying beautifully presented canapés
concocted by the talented chefs from the in house restaurant:
Le Grand Café.

For more info and pictures check out their website:

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  1. Love! Must have been a realyl cool experience to stay here :)