Monday, 2 May 2011

Mellow Yellow...

Want to add a little cheer to a bland room? Bring in a little sunshine with the color yellow! I know it can be a tricky color to use so keep in mind that it usually blends very beautifully with blues, greys and neutrals.  If you're intimidated by the thought of yellow, introduce it in small doses by simply using it as an accent color. I recently bought a charcoal couch and started doing some online research to find the perfect pair of throw pillows - my conclusion? Yellow was the way to go. There's nothing more charming than a room that's been kissed by the sun so look at these pics, get inspired and give it a go!


  1. isn't it good feng shui to have alittle bit of yellow in every room? I luv yellow - Ralphe Lauren's 'sand' paint colour is a good choice too...

  2. Thank you Myriam for providing these great findings!