Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Oh, Baby!

Nurseries are fun spaces to design because they allow you to think outside the box and push you to explore the depths of your creativity. Since baby rooms are meant to be lighthearted and whimsical, you're not limited to conventional colors, fabrics or accessories. Feel free to use bold prints, bright colors and textural fabrics. One of the most charming baby rooms I have ever seen has silver birch trees hand-painted onto charcoal walls, mustard yellow curtains, a bright turquoise armchair and a zebra print area rug. I know it sounds a little wild but it actually comes together beautifully! Upon browsing the following pics, I found myself incredibly inspired to design a baby room even though I don't have kids. Having said that, I do have a Boston Terrier that could easily fit into one of those cribs! Hmmm.....

Designed by "Amanda" winner of an online contest

Sarah Richardson

Erin Gates

Erin Gates

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  1. New to your blog....Love love love design as well! Especially Sarah Richardson, she's wonderful. Cathy.