Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Set Decor Part 3: I Don't Know How She Does It...

Ever find yourself not paying attention to a movie because you're too focused on the decor as opposed to the storyline? As my husband can attest, this happens to me regularly. A movie can be at it's most teeth clenching and pivotal moment and I'll say something like "wow, check out the exposed beams... How do you think they installed those?".

This would've been the case last night had my hubby agreed to watch "I Don't Know How She Does It" with me! Truth is, I really don't blame him for skipping out on a Sarah Jessica Parker flick. I'm the biggest SATC fan but even I can admit she's done nothing worth seeing since SATC 1.  In short, I really  wasn't expecting much from this movie but it turned out to be kind of cute and worth watching - if for no other reason than checking out the set decor.

SJP's character is a frazzled financial advisor who lives with her unemployed husband and 2 kids in Boston. The movie was actually shot in NYC in a beautiful townhouse which was very reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw's place in SATC.  My favorite part of her house had to be the open concept kitchen. The cabinets were light blue with silver hardware and thick butcher block countertops.  Two massive exposed brick pillars acted as separators between the dining area and kitchen. The ceiling was clad with dark brown exposed beams and I also loved the open shelving, big windows and farmhouse sink.

Please forgive the poor quality pictures, these were the only ones I could find online....

I think this look could easily be recreated with the following:

Groland Kitchen Island

Painting your cabinets with Glidden's Gentle Tide

Lidingo Upper Cabinet Doors

Foto Pendant Lamp

Numerar Oak Countertop

Bamboo Slat Blind in Oak

Images courtesy of My Perfect Colour,  Hooked on Houses, IKEA and Canadian Tire


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