Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What's your Kitchen Personality?

Looking to give your kitchen some personality but not sure where to start? How about with colour!  Painting your cabinets is high impact and low budget. Only catch is... the blood, sweat and tears that will go into completing the project!  I recently took it upon myself to repaint my (faux) cherry red kitchen a crisp shade of white and although I nearly intoxicated myself with the paint fumes, the end result was fabulous.  Now that my cabinets have been updated, I'm looking to inject some accent colours but am not sure which direction to take... What's your kitchen personality? Do you like clinically white kitchens or  do you prefer having bursts of colour?

I've personally always leaned towards white until I saw pictures of the kitchens below and realized how pretty green, gray, blue and even purple can actually be!

What do you think? Would you be adventurous enough to have a turquoise or yellow cooking space?

Cobalt Blue + Sand + Light Blue

Better Homes & Gardens

Turquoise + Black

Black + Yellow + White

Sky Blue + Chocolate Brown + Black

Gray + White

Plum + White 

Apartment Therapy

Green + Black + White

Powder Blue + White 

House of Turquoise

White + White + White

Mint + More Mint + Charcoal 

Orange + Grey + White

Mark English Architects via Houzz

Red + Black + White

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