Monday, 5 March 2012

Parkdale Sponsor: Cottage & Cie...

I'm always on the lookout for new and inspiring interior design boutiques in my area.  I've grown somewhat allergic to big box stores and feel a great sense of pride in purchasing original or vintage products in independent shops and antique stores.  Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like we have an overwhelming number of modern, art deco, bohemian and zen stores in Montreal but if you're into what I like to call the "urban country/cottage" look,  the selection is rather slim.  Question: If you're looking to decorate a cottage up north or any country-inspired home for that matter...  Where do you shop? (email me, I seriously wanna know!)

Luckily for me, I  happened to be wandering around the Beaurepaire Village in Beaconsfield this weekend and decided to walk into Cottage & Cie.   As I glanced over their products, it felt as though someone had entered my brain,  noted down everything I  liked and immaculately displayed it all in this little gem of a boutique!  I must have stayed in there for an hour yet every time I turned a corner it felt like there was something new I  missed! Graphic accent pillows, textural rugs, reclaimed wood hutches and buffets, wicker baskets, chic light fixtures, custom made furniture, pedestal tables, Louis chairs... Ah! Sensory overload!

Think of it this way,  if  West Elm and Pottery Barn were to have a love child,  I think I would look somewhat like Cottage & Cie.  As I stood there, devouring every last item with my eyes,  I kept thinking - I'm so happy we finally we have a store like this in Montreal... let alone the West Island!   For a self-professed design junkie such as myself, it was truly love at first sight and thankfully for me, the love was mutual!   When I mentioned my blog to Diane (store owner/buyer extraordinaire) she checked it out, thought it was fabulous and jumped on board as a sponsor!

With that said, I'd like to proudly welcome Cottage & Cie.  as an official Parkdale supporter :)

Aside  from  offering  a  plethora of  beautiful  home  accessories and furniture,  Cottage & Cie also have an interior designer on-site  to give you pointers and help solve your design dilemmas.

If you're interested, you can also check out their full line of Interior Design services:

∙ Design Concepts
∙ Design Planning
∙ Drafting of Plans
∙ Presentation of Drawings and Sketches
∙ Custom Drapery and Window Treatments
∙ Custom Furniture
∙ Coloration

There were so many pretty pictures I wanted to post for you guys but I had to narrow it down to my faves!!!

Here are some of my personal highlights:

 Loving the black candle holder...

 I'm obsessed with trestle tables!

This pedestal table with Louis chairs, vintage chandelier and weathered hutch were my favorite part of the entire store and I hate myself for not snapping a better pic!!! Argh!!!

I encourage you to not only pop in for a visit, but also check out the Cottage & Cie website by clicking here!

482 blvd. Beaconsfield, Suite 102, Beaconsfield, QC, H9W 4C4


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